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Yellow Chupa Panza Bundle

Yellow Chupa Panza Bundle

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(Yellow) chupa panza fiber 8 oz 

(Original) chupa panza gel 8oz

(Yellow) chupa panza tea 30ct 

all products are natural and can be taken even if your breastfeeding . Using the combination of all these products will help you loose body fat and help bloating and better your digestion. 

Gel :can be used as many times as you want and rub all over problem areas where you want to reduce the visibility of cellulite and dark areas. 

Tea : can be used once a night for 30 days for best results helping you use the restroom more regular and helping the amount of waste you expel .


Fiber : Can be taken up to 3 times a day if needed but if you never taken fiber before it’s recommended you start with once in the morning to get your regulated . This is going to help you use the restroom regularly and reduces bloating . 

Can potentially help you loose 5-20lbs this is recommended for my clients who are trying to try all natural remedies to aid for weight loss and kick start their digestive system. Also for my mothers trying to find something that doesn’t affect their breastfeeding process. 

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